X200 Densi-Proof

X200 Densi-Proof

Concrete cure, densifier, hardener and waterproofing solution.

Cures new concrete (equivalent water pond curing) and at the same time controls moisture enabling installation of floorings, coatings and paints after 14 days on new concrete or at any time during the lifespan.

Densi-Proof™ is a user-friendly, environmentally safe, non-flammable, liquid penetrant that is non-toxic (has zero voc/vos). ,

Densi-Proof™ in liquid form has practically nil solids and readily penetrates extremely deep into concrete using its many paths of reticulation then reacts with the Portland cement ingredients depositing an internally produced permanent colloidal silicate gel that subsequently forms a unique insoluble 100% solids contaminant barrier. This contaminant barrier uniquely and effectively mimics the pouring of concrete inside of concrete.

Densi-Proof™ will even travel into concrete against water flow (hydrostatic pressure leakage, etc.) to permanently stop water/free moisture leakage, if any.

Product Summary

Densi-Proof™ does not adversely affect the visual appearance, physical characteristics, surface traction quality, or surface bond quality, meaning Densi-Proof™ can effectively be used to enhance any Portland cement concrete installation, whether traffic-bearing or not. Densi-Proof™ is ideal for use on all street or highway pavements, i.e. bridge decks, parking decks, airport pavements, dams, footpaths, driveways, pavers, and etc. to preserve and extend performance criteria, as well as, useful life span.

Densi-Proof™ is a one coat spray on system that deeply penetrates (up to 200 mm and beyond) providing permanent water proofing and protection. Withstands a minimum of 115ft (35m) of Hydrostatic Pressure and can be effectively applied on the positive or negative side of concrete structures. There is minimum site disruption and provides early access to other trades. It is important to point out that Densi–Proof™ provides a permanent unique passive non destructive colloidal silicate gel barrier and should not be confused with temporary, soluble, weakly-linked large pore, thixotropic gels, that are formed using sodium silicates, through free lime reactions, which have proven detrimental to long-range concrete integrity. Densi–Proof™ technology is unique, it is not a Sodium, Potassium or Lithium silicate and has stood the test of time for over 25 years.

How to apply:

  1. Note: in hot climates, mist-wet the surface with water and remove any puddles prior to application.
  2. Use medium to high-pressure airless sprayer (1500psi) complete with 60cm wand and a 0.019″ fan tip spray jet.
  3. Hold spray tip 150mm from surface.
  4. Apply at point of saturation at the approximate rate of 4.5m2 per litre with an overlapping spray pattern of 50%.
  5. Begin applying at the lowest level elevation. For example, walls and slopes should be applied side to side, from the bottom up.

How to use as a cure:

  1. Follow normal application instructions, except use non-atomizing spray apparatus such as a pump tank sprayer. However, if surface is allowed to harden and it is longer than 24 hours from placement you must then use an airless spray unit (at low to medium pressure to avoid disturbing the top).
  2. Apply to the newly placed finished surface as soon as it is practical to walk on without damaging the surface.
  3. Apply at the rate of 4.5m2 per litre for broom finished concrete or hard and steel troweled concrete.
  4. Should the new slab get rained on before Densi-Proof is applied, wait until rain stops, squeegee off standing water and apply Densi-Proof. Should rain persist for days contact your distributer to discuss the best application method.

Other important notes:

  • Wax, paint or anything else restricting access to concrete’s interior must be chemically or mechanically removed for Protect Crete Densi-Proof to penetrate. Test with droplets of water on the concrete surface, if the water does not penetrate into the concrete with in 2 minutes then the Densi-Proof will not function properly and may be ineffective.
  • Areas of high porosity have a faster penetration rate. These areas appear dry immediately after spraying and will require additional product.
  • Do not apply on frozen substrate or when temperature is below 3 degrees C and getting colder
  • On existing concrete when applying paint, adhesives or any other coatings, wait at least 24 hours after sealing with Protect Crete Densi-Proof, then lightly abrade/sand or flush clean surface with water and allow to dry before coating. Always follow coating manufacturers surface requirements.
  • On newly poured concrete wait at least 14 days before considering installation of floor coverings or application of paint and other coatings.
  • Special note for concrete block: Block quality, cement content and porosity size can vary widely. Some may never be completely waterproofed and will only be damp proofed. Spray twice.
  • Protect Crete Densi-Proof may etch glass or dull brushed and shiny aluminium (the same as wet concrete) and can be difficult to remove from other surfaces once it dries. Cover and mask surrounding surfaces or rinse immediately if sprayed.
  • We recommend the use of a painters mask during application. Refer to Densi Proof MSDS.