• Technically advanced systems for concrete curing, moisture control and protection

    Subfloor moisture problems are a thing of the past.

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  • X520 Warehouse provides an excellent cure regime

    X520 Warehouse can be left as is to reflect through the natural gloss of the concrete

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    Oxtek X520


Technically advanced systems for concrete curing,moisture proofing and protection.

Protect Crete / Oxtek products are manufactured in Melbourne Australia. All of our products enhance the performance of any concrete. Whether achieving the best possible curing of new concrete, controlling construction moisture to facilitate the application or installation of paint, coatings and floor coverings, or, protecting from aging and damage as a result of the ingress of water, acid rain, or other contaminants from agriculture and manufacturing processes we have the products and systems for you.

Our base technology is centred around Protect Crete Densi-Proof.

Densi-Proof is a penetrating liquid which waterproofs and protects by reacting with the portland cement content of the new or existing concrete and forming a water impermeable gel in the pores of the concrete.

This single characteristic enables us to provide the base for a range of products which cure, increase density, harden, waterproof, seal and protect.

Densi-Proof, Densi-Proof Plus products and Moisture-Fix provide the best cure for concrete and enable floor coverings, coatings & paint to be installed as early as 14 days after placement. They can also be used to control hydrostatic pressure.

Oxtek X100 Green Cure provides a cure only for concrete where moisture control for coverings is not required. The range of derivative products based on X100 such as X520 Warehouse and X550 Carpark  have additional surface sealer components which provide stain resistance and a base for additional polish.

This web site has been equipped with a product selector system which will guide you to the best product for you.

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Recent Projects

Marina Bay Sands Resort

DENSI-PROOF provides a permanent solution against chloride ion and environmental attack The three hotel towers are covered by the breath-taking SkyPark that extends out over...
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Sunshine Coast Hospital Construction

- IN PROGRESS - 190,000m2 Densi-Proof at time of pour for Cure and Moisture Control for Floor Coverings
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Concrete densifier application

Densi-Proof™ is a user-friendly, environmentally safe, non-flammable, liquid penetrant that is non-toxic (has zero voc/vos). Densi-Proof™ in liquid form has practically nil solids and readily penetrates extremely deep into concrete, using concrete’s many paths of reticulation, depositing internally produced colloidal silicate residual (gel), that subsequently forms an insoluble unique 100% solids contaminant barrier, as Densi-Proof™ contacts constituents of concrete, i.e., Portland cement ingredients. This 100% solids sub-surface contaminant barrier contains its very own extremely tiny pore network, uniquely, and effectively, mimicking the pouring of concrete inside of concrete. Densi-Proof™ will even travel into concrete against water flow (hydrostatic pressure leakage, etc.) to permanently stop water/free moisture leakage, if any.

Densi-Proof™ does not adversely affect the visual appearance, physical characteristics, surface traction quality, or surface bond quality, meaning Densi-Proof™ can effectively be used to enhance any Portland cement concrete installation, whether traffic-bearing or not. Densi-Proof™ is ideal for use on all street or highway pavements, i.e. bridge decks, parking decks, airport pavements, dams, footpaths, driveways, pavers, and etc. to preserve and extend performance criteria, as well as, useful life span.

Densi-Proof forms the base ingredient of all our products except X300 Surface Repeller, X400 Luster Shield and X420 Luster Keep. as a consequence many products do similar jobs with differences in application methods and final outcome. Our product selector will help you zero in on the Protect Crete or Oxtek product most suitable for you.

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