• Densi-Proof


    Concrete cure, densifier, hardener and waterproofing solution.

    Cures new concrete (equivalent water pond curing) and at the same time controls moisture enabling installation of floorings, coatings and paints after 14 days on new concrete or at any time during the lifespan.

    Densi-Proof™ is a user-friendly, environmentally safe, non-flammable, liquid penetrant that is non-toxic (has zero voc/vos). ,

    Densi-Proof™ in liquid form has practically nil solids and readily penetrates extremely deep into concrete using its many paths of reticulation then reacts with the Portland cement ingredients depositing an internally produced permanent colloidal silicate gel that subsequently forms a unique insoluble 100% solids contaminant barrier. This contaminant barrier uniquely and effectively mimics the pouring of concrete inside of concrete.

    Densi-Proof™ will even travel into concrete against water flow (hydrostatic pressure leakage, etc.) to permanently stop water/free moisture leakage, if any.

  • Moisture-Fix


    Eliminate Moisture Problems

    Moisture Fix 1™ – is blue in colour and has been formulated to provide the installer the most cost-effective method to eliminate the risks and problems associated with subfloor moisture problems.

    Moisture Fix 1™ is a single pack ready to use (no mixing) deeply penetrating, safe, odourless easy to apply liquid that allows early site access (foot traffic in 1 hour) and in most cases ready to accept floor prep and coverings in 24 hours. Conforms to the moisture suppressant requirements as per NZAS1884-2013

  • X100 Green Cure

    X100 Green Cure

    Green Concrete Cure & Hardener

    A non membrane forming silicate proprietary solution that provides an exceptional cure regime equal to water pond curing. Apply to the concrete surface immediately after initial set.

  • X300 Repeller

    X300 Repeller

    X300™ Surface Repeller is a clear, invisable, breathable low VOC treatment for concrete, masonry and natural stone.  X300  penetrates the top surface and chemically bonds to the silica providing water repellency, stain and oil resistance.

  • X400 Luster Shield

    X400 Luster Shield

    X400 Luster Shield is a high quality, proprietary acrylic formula dispersion that when applied and fully dried / cured, develops into a strong, durable, flexible, and breathable film-coating which adheres tenaciously to clean, bare concrete surfaces, render and masonry. X400 is a non-flammable, odourless, penetrating coating that will dry to a clear attractive satin finish.

  • X420 Luster Keep

    X420 Luster Keep™ – is a single pack spray or mop on polish that gives total concrete protection to Diamond polished or Burnished concrete  with an attractive high gloss, easy to maintain, tough as steel, stain resistant environmentally friendly finish. Its got the lot! Responds beautifully to High Speed buffing. Independent slip testing carried out by Advanced Technology Testing and Research – ATTAR – These reports available in Pdf format on request.

    Can be applied over Oxtek X300 Surface Repeller or Oxtek X400 Luster Shield or Oxtek X520 Warehouse to bring these sealer products up to a higher shine.

    Can also be applied directly over floors previously treated with Densi-Proof, Moisture-Fix or X100 as an inexpensive polish concrete effect. However the surface sealing of the floor will always be better if X420 Luster Keep is applied over the base products listed in the second paragraph.

  • X520 Warehouse

    X520 Warehouse

    X520 Warehouse™ is a proprietary silicate siliconate water based formulation with Densi-Proof as its primary base. Applied to new and existing concrete provides an excellent cure regime, water and dust proofer, surface hardener and stain resistance from oils and is compatible with line marking. Densi-Proof has been tested to ASTM C-67 Section 65 (ORF Method) ABRASION (DUSTING) RESISTANCE TEST and showed concrete treated with Densi-Proof is approximately four times more abrasion resistant as untreated concrete.

    X520 Warehouse can be applied to smooth steel troweled concrete to provide a suitable surface fo industrial and retail type warehouse floors, cafes and art galleries. Anywhere a high quality natural look concrete finish is required.

    X520 Warehouse can be left as is to reflect through the natural gloss of the concrete or can be polished to a higher gloss level by burnishing with a hair polishing pad or with the addition of Oxtek X420 acrylic floor polish.

    The natural concrete finish that is achieved is a high quality alternative to the diamond grind polishing systems that result in a terrazzo style concrete look.

  • X550 Carpark Warehouse

    X550 Carpark Warehouse

    X550 CARPARK is a proprietary silicate siliconate water based formulation applied to new and existing concrete giving excellent cure regime, water and dust proofer, surface hardener and stain resistance from oils and is compatible with line marking. X550 enables newly placed concrete to achieve the cure results required by NZS 3109:1997