X100 Green Cure

X100 Green Cure

Green Concrete Cure & Hardener

A non membrane forming silicate proprietary solution that provides an exceptional cure regime equal to water pond curing. Apply to the concrete surface immediately after initial set.

How to apply:

Apply as soon as possible after concrete’s initial set for optimum cure benefit.

  1. Use a pump pack garden type sprayer or powered non atomising sprayer and evenly apply.
  2. Ensure you do not mark the surface of the concrete with either your feel or pressure from the spray.
  3. Begin applying at the lowest level elevation. For example, walls, ramps and slopes should be applied side to side, from the bottom up.


  • Burnished steel troweled surface apply at a rate of 6.5m² – 8m² per litre.
  • Broom finished or open surfaced finishes apply at a rate of 3.5m² – 6.5m² per litre.

Other important notes:

  • Like wet concrete and some high alkali cleaning products, X100 will etch glass and discolour brushed aluminium if not removed before it dries. Mask or clean off with a wet cloth as you go.
  • After applying at the correct rate, continue to evenly distribute X100 over the surface (with a soft broom) not allowing puddles to form or remain. If after on hour product has not been completely absorbed and if puddles are still present remove with a soft broom, water or blower.