X230 Densi-Proof Repeller

X230 Densi-Proof Repeller

Concrete curing and permanent waterproofer with added ingredient giving surface repellence and stain resistance against water, oils, chemicals, microbes mould and mildew, and more…

Densi-Proof + X300 Surface Repeller achieves the cure effect and benefits required by NZS 3109:1987

Densi-Proof + X300 surface repeller is designed for use on newly placed concrete using non atomising low pressure spray apparatus, such as a pump pack sprayer. On existing set concrete a two-part application should be used. That is apply Densi-Proof on its own first then afterwards apply X300 as a separate application.

The reason for this is that Densi-Proof will purge out impurities and contamination from existing concrete as it chemically reacts with the lime in the concrete to form the permanent aquagel within the concrete pores. The X300 would contain this purging on the surface which could be unsightly or affect the X300’s ability to dry properly.


See detailed application instructions below

Product Summary

Densi-Proof + X300 provides all the features and benefits of Densi-Proof and Oxtek X300 but in one application from one container.

See separate Densi-Proof and X300 Product information sheets elsewhere on this site for a full explanation of the individual products characteristics.

The Densi-Proof element penetrates deep into the concrete providing cure, moisture control and protection for the deep pore structure, permanently. The X 300 element provides an invisible final surface seal and water repeliancy.

The surface profile of the concrete is not changed. This combined with the beeding of surface water enhances the slip resistance of the concrete

The X300 Surface Repeller will degrade with weathering, age and surface abrasion from traffic. After a few years when water starts to darken the concrete surface additional X300 Surface Repeller can be applied to the areas that are showing signs of wear. It is not necessary to recoat the whole area to reinstate the consistent surface appearance.

If the X300 surface component is not maintained the concrete matrix is still protected by the Densi-Proof within the concrete.

When only cure and surface repellancy is required and full concrete matrix protection is not required then you can consider the less expensive use of Oxtek X520 Warehouse and X550 Carpark as an alternative. These 2 products can also be applied to older already set concrete (provided it is clean) as a single application.

How to apply:

  • Because of the X300 component in this product it cannot be high pressure sprayed with an atomising spray tip, Densi-Proof + X300 can only be used on newly poured concrete
  • Apply using low pressure pump pack spray unit or Chapin type sprayer.
  • Apply to the newly poured concrete after troweling is complete and when the concrete can be safely walked on without marring the surface.
  • Spray apply with a 50% overlap at a rate of 4.5m2 per litre.
  • On ramps or vertical surfaces start application at the bottom and work upwards with a side to side application.
  • Using a soft broom sweep puddled product back over high spots on the floor where product has already soaked in. On horizontal surfaces use a soft brush or broom to control runs. Do not allow puddles to dry on surface.

Other important notes:

  • Do not apply to new concrete when the temperature is below 10 degrees C and getting colder.
  • Do not apply if rain is expected within the next 24 hours.
  • Items 1 & 2 are restrictions which affect the X300 Surface Repeller component. If curing is essential combined with the other Densi-Proof benefits and winter weather is causing the problem then revert to applying Densi-Proof on its own with a later application of X300 Surface Repeller when weather conditions suit.
  • Protect areas not intended for coverage as product is very difficult to remove when dry and will etch glass and shiny aluminium if allowed to dry.
  • Do not apply on surfaces in full sun or if temperature is over 24C. On hot days apply in the cool morning or the cool evening.
  • The Densi-Proof component is VOC free. The X300 component has a minor almost insignificant trace of VOC. Incidental skin contact should not be hazardous, but ingestion or eye contact should be avoided. We recommend the use of a painters mask during application.