X300 Repeller

X300 Repeller

X300™ Surface Repeller is a clear, invisable, breathable low VOC treatment for concrete, masonry and natural stone.  X300  penetrates the top surface and chemically bonds to the silica providing water repellency, stain and oil resistance.

How to apply:

Always start with a clean bare surface. Remove all dirt, stains, glues and previous coatings. Test a small area for suitability.

  1. Using a soft broom or non atomising pump sprayer apply evenly at the rate shown on the chart. Do not over apply or allow to puddle.
  2. Allow at least 24 hours to dry thoroughly.
  3. Mask and protect areas not intended to be applied

Other important notes:

Protect areas not intended for coverage as product is very difficult to remove when dry and may damage. White precipitate may form if Surface Repeller is over applied. Surface should be washed and may need scrubbing if this occurs but is usually difficult to remove. Do not apply when ambient temperature is below 4ºC Do not apply on exterior installations when rain is expected during the next 24 hours. Do not apply on hot surfaces. On hot days apply early morning or the cool evening. Surface Repeller has a minor almost insignificant trace of VOC. Incidental skin contact should not be hazardous, but ingestion or eye contact should be avoided. We recommend use of a painters mask during application.