X400 Lustre Shield

X400 Lustre Shield

X400 Luster Shield is a high quality, proprietary acrylic formula dispersion that when applied and fully dried / cured, develops into a strong, durable, flexible, and breathable film-coating which adheres tenaciously to clean, bare concrete surfaces, render and masonry. X400 is a non-flammable, odourless, penetrating coating that will dry to a clear attractive satin finish.

Product Summary

  • Clear attractive satin finish
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Low odour – 0.0g/L VOC
  • Durable
  • Easily maintained
  • Can be buffed to a high gloss finish
  • Easy to use, no specialist equipment needed
  • Compatible with X420 Luster Keep High Solids Commercial Polish
  • Low Cost
  • Pepairable

Suitable for any concrete or masonry surface

How to apply:

Always start with a clean bare surface. Remove all dirt, stains, glues and previous coatings. If you don’t they will be preserved for the life of the coating.

  1. Using a short nap paint roller or micro fibre applicator, apply evenly and thinly at the rate shown on the chart. Do not over apply or allow to puddle.
  2. Allow at least 24 hours to dry thoroughly. May require more drying time in high traffic areas.
  3. May be burnished to a higher sheen with high-speed machine with animal hair pad or, over coated with X420 Luster Keep Polish for a higher deeper wet look shine. Contact your nearest OXTEK office for details.

Other important notes:

  • Protect areas not intended for coverage as product is very difficult to remove when dry.
  • When used as a coating X400 must be applied in a thin layer, otherwise the strength of the bond will be compromised. For a thicker layer apply subsequent coats 24 hours after each application.
  • X400 will adhere to the first surface it meets, including dirt. If product adheres to dirt it may peel up.
  • X400 has a minor almost insignificant trace of VOC. Ingestion, skin or eye contact should be avoided. Refer to MSDS.
  • We recommended use of a painters mask during application.
  • Do not allow water on the surface for 7 days after application.
  • Do not apply to surface in full sun or if temperature outside range of 4ºC24ºC.
  • Refer to MSDS at www.protectcretenz.co.nz