X520 Warehouse

X520 Warehouse

X520 Warehouse™ is a proprietary silicate siliconate water based formulation with Densi-Proof as its primary base. Applied to new and existing concrete provides an excellent cure regime, water and dust proofer, surface hardener and stain resistance from oils and is compatible with line marking. Densi-Proof has been tested to ASTM C-67 Section 65 (ORF Method) ABRASION (DUSTING) RESISTANCE TEST and showed concrete treated with Densi-Proof is approximately four times more abrasion resistant as untreated concrete.

X520 Warehouse can be applied to smooth steel troweled concrete to provide a suitable surface fo industrial and retail type warehouse floors, cafes and art galleries. Anywhere a high quality natural look concrete finish is required.

X520 Warehouse can be left as is to reflect through the natural gloss of the concrete or can be polished to a higher gloss level by burnishing with a hair polishing pad or with the addition of Oxtek X420 acrylic floor polish.

The natural concrete finish that is achieved is a high quality alternative to the diamond grind polishing systems that result in a terrazzo style concrete look.

How to apply:

Apply to clean absorbent surface.

  1. Use a pump pack type sprayer or powered non atomizing sprayer and evenly apply.
  2. Ensure you do not mark the surface of new concrete with either your feet or pressure from the spray.
  3. Begin applying at the lowest level elevation. For example, walls, ramps and slopes should be applied side to side, from the bottom up.

Burnished or steel troweled surface apply at a rate of 6.5m2 – 8m2 per litre. Broom finished or open surfaced finishes apply at a rate of 3.5m2 to 6.5m2 per litre

How to use as a cure:

Apply as soon as possible after concrete’s initial set for optimum cure benefit.

Achieves cure results as required by NZS 3109:1997

Other important notes:

  • Like wet concrete and some high alkali cleaning products, X520 WAREHOUSE will etch glass and discolour brushed aluminium if not removed before it dries. Mask or clean off with a wet cloth as you go.
  • Do not allow X520 WAREHOUSE to dry in puddles on the concrete surface, an hour after application remove before they dry on the surface with a soft broom, water or blower.
  • Always test suitability and compatibility with your next process.