X550 Carpark Warehouse

X550 Carpark Warehouse

X550 CARPARK is a proprietary silicate siliconate water based formulation applied to new and existing concrete giving excellent cure regime, water and dust proofer, surface hardener and stain resistance from oils and is compatible with line marking. X550 enables newly placed concrete to achieve the cure results required by NZS 3109:1997

Product Summary

Oxtek X550 achieves two effects on concrete from a single product in a single container.

The first component penetrates the capillaries of the concrete and forms a permanent colloidal gel in the pores of the concrete. This gel is impervious to water and ties up moisture and seals off the concrete surface to achieve the required curing of the concrete and at the same time hardening the concrete surface.

The second component forms an invisible seal in the concrete surface which resists oil staining, reduces dusting, improves traction and reduces tyre squeal.

X550 will not darken or yellow and reflects through the concrete colour and appearance. If some degree of burnish has been achieved on the concrete this will continue to show.

X550 is VOC free  and Non-Flammable.

The surface sealer forms an excellent primer for marking paint.

If the paint on markings have already been applied to a building, provided the concrete is clean, X550 can still be applied. Of course it will not penetrate the concrete where the line paint is. instead the X550 will dry and dust off the paint surface. Always site test suitability and compatibility with your next process

If you have an older car park with water leaking through the concrete to the spaces below, contact us for advice and a site specific specification.

How to apply:

Apply to clean absorbent surface.

  1. Use a pump pack type sprayer or powered non atomizing sprayer and evenly apply.
  2. Ensure you do not mark the surface of new concrete with either your feet or pressure from the spray.
  3. Begin applying at the lowest level elevation. For example, walls, ramps and slopes should be applied side to side, from the bottom up.
  4. While still wet sweep puddles back over high spots. Do not leave puddles to dry. if still formed an hour after application sweep out or remove with water or a blower.


  • Burnished or steel troweled surface apply at a rate of 6.5m2 – 8m2 per litre.
  • Broom finished or open surfaced finishes apply at a rate of 3.5m2 – 6.5m2 per litre.

How to use as a cure:

Apply as soon as possible after concrete’s
initial set for optimum cure benefit.

Other important notes:

Do not apply when temperature is below 3C and getting colder.

Do not apply on exterior concrete if rain is expected within the next 24 hrs.

Allow at least 24 hrs to dry thoroughly.