Marina Bay Sands Resort

  • DENSI-PROOF provides a permanent solution against chloride ion and environmental attack

    The three hotel towers are covered by the breath-taking SkyPark that extends out over the structure and supports three massive infinity edge swimming pools, two restaurants, and a garden with unparalleled views of Singapore. Sands Casino Corporation decided to use Densi-Proof to protect its investment in the new SkyPark.

    The three hotel towers are covered by the breath-taking SkyPark that extends out over the structure and supports three massive infinity edge swimming pools, two restaurants, and a garden with unparalleled views of Singapore. Sands Casino Corporation decided to use Densi-Proof to protect its investment in the new SkyPark.

    Densi-Proof was selected as the waterproofer for this project to protect it from ongoing chlorideion penetration. Since it was applied at time of-placement, Densi-Proof also acted as the curing medium prior to surfacing installation.As a result, foot traffic was allowed on the concrete surface 1 hour after treatment and full construction traffic after the concrete achieved its design strength.

    Densi-Proof penetrates into the concrete capillary and pore structure; therefore, damage to the waterproofing system due to construction traffic is unlikely unless the concrete itself is damaged.

    Densi-Proof densified, strengthened and hardened the newly placed SkyPark concrete and provided an ongoing solution for the reinforcing steel by protecting against chloride ion penetration into the concrete, and reducing reinforcing steel corrosion potential.

    This iconic and beautiful resort now has Densi-Proof protecting its underlying concrete for the lifetime of the structure.